Call Center Support Services

A wide range of 24/7/365 call center support services, including customer support, technical support, sales support, quality control, and more!

Operations Support Services

Operational support assistance for accounts management, HR admin, recruitment, and finance.

Virtual Assistant Support Services

Skilled virtual assistants in many industries such as real estate, telecommunications, medical, and retail.

Great, fast, and affective results!

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MiGrace Solutions has been providing outsourced contact center solutions from the web for over three years. We utilise our experience to help you get results via a wide range of solutions.

Full Campaign Consultation

MiGrace Solutions, LLC innovative and proactive team provides top-level campaign consultancy services.

Outbound Sales

We deliver results that consistently outperform in-house sales figures.

Inbound Service

We are providing service for inbound calling.

IVR Management

Create Questionaire about your products and get results.

Email Marketing Service

We are providing bulk email sending to your customer.

Lead Generation Services

Acquiring customers, refining the content is vital for client's future prospects.

Customer Acquisition Services

Customer Acquisition is key to any marketing strategy and is vital to making any business work.

SMS Response Service

With the ever increasing modern day time constraints, SMS response is a critical tool for contacting your customers.

Customer Service

Customer Service is the best way to prove your commitment, product and service.

Customer Support

In a competitive marketplace, the customer is most valuable. Brand loyalty is now the privilege of a few and for the rest, customers can be persuaded away by introductory offers, cheaper tariffs, and free gifts. But something that is still prized by customers and has serious weight when it comes to deciding on where they spend their money is high-quality customer service. When it comes down to it, a cheap service or product loses its value if the people selling it or dealing with post-sale queries don’t care. Crucially, your reputation as a company that cares about its customers also loses value. At MiGrace Solutions our clients and their customers are our priorities. We strive for success daily by doing our best leave customers and clients satisfied.